Web Development Contracts

Web development shops commonly face problems in their relationship with clients. Web development services present a lot of risks for the web developer and disagreements between the developer and client are common. If you are in the website development or design service industry it is critical that you have and utilize a good contract. A good contract will not only help protect the web developer's interests in the event of a disagreement but it will help ensure an amicable and mutually beneficial relationship between the developer and the client.

In addition to his law practice, Philip C. Curtis owns and operates several e-commerce sites. He is a proficient user of the Drupal CMS platform and has intimate knowledge of the web development services industry. Understanding the relevant industry is of critical importance when draft a thorough contract. Drafting contracts requires knowledge and anticipation of potential issues, a thorough understanding of commonly accepted business practices and common web developer project management practices.

Limit your risk exposure and improve your client relationships with a well drafted web development contract custom tailored to your business practices and target market.

If you are a web developer or web development firm and need assistance with your development contracts and associated documentation please contact us today.


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