Waivers of Inadmissability

New Proposed USCIS Regulation Would Offer Relief to Unlawful Immigrants

A new regulation proposed by the USCIS would allow unlawful immigrants currently residing in the U.S. to apply for a provisional unlawful presence waiver prior to departing the United States. This new regulation is an attempt to provide some relief to persons who have accrued more than 180 days of unlawful presence in the U.S.

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Would we get approved for a K1 Visa?

I live in Canada (citizen). My fiancé Chris is from Atlanta and we are planning to file for the K-1 Fiancé Visa. We were thinking of filing it on our own, but there is one problem: I was arrested in Los Angeles back in 2005 for grand theft (which I believe is a crime of moral turpitude). I pled guilty and was convicted. I didn't serve any jail time but my sentence was 200 hours of community service a fine.

Denied I 485

I am an American citizen.Last year I married an Australian citizen. I then filed a petition I 130 and an adjustment of status for his permanent residency. In October we went in for his final interview. In November we received the decision letter saying he'd been denied. On the On the decision letter it said he was denied because he admitted to having smoked marijuana but they documented that he smokes on a regular basis when in fact that is not the case; it didn't say that he had to leave or he was going to be deported or anything helpful for that matter.

adjustment of status after being deported

I was a green card holder and was deported due to my criminal record. Although I qualified for Cancellation of Deportation under 42a, I was deported under judges discretion in Texas. I have to children born in the US and was about to get marry. Can I qualify for a pardon and go through Adjustment of Status to return to the US in less than the 10 year band? I can all the advise available. Thank You!

10 year bar for my husband, is there anything i can do before then

My husband was denied his visa in march 2008 because of the following

212 (a)(9)(B)(II)
212 (a)(9)(C)(I)
is there anything i can do before the 10 years to get him back to the united states faster?
Can I do a I-601?

Drug trafficking conviction

Hi, I have a question regarding the chances for my Colombian fiancee being approved for a visa. He has
a drug trafficking conviction. Sentence was 8 years, but he served 3 1/2. It was his first & only offense and he is completel

will a k1 denial affect the verdict of a I-130 petition for alien relative

We applied back in 2007 for a k1 and was denied because my wife (then fiance) was honest and told them of some past usage of drugs on (3 occasions to be exact). And so they made us wait 2 yrs and do various anti doping exams and take some drug adict class during the 2yrs until we could reapply. And we did all what they requested. But during that time we got married at the us international bridge in eagle pass tx. So with us getting married that changed the requirments so we started applying for a I-130 in 2010. will the denial affect us at the interview?

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