Removal of Conditions

I-751 - Letter from Landlord

I've read your reply...that in the absence of suggested to get letter from the landlord. Does it have to be notarized. I hate to bother my elderly landord.

I-751 - Wills


Could we submit copies of our witnessed handwritten wills as part of the supporting documents?

On Part 4 of the I-751 form, should I write NONE on my wife's middle name? She stopped using her middle name after our marriage and filing the Form I-130(approved). Her social security card, driver license, and our utility & phone bills show her name without the middle name. Our bills also show my name. By the way, her current name is also her maiden/last name which is different from mine.

New Immigration Case Review Service

Many people are choosing to prepare and file K1 visa petitions, adjustment of status applications, I-751 petitions, I-130 petitions and N-400 citizenship applications on their own and without the assistance of an attorney. Some people simply can't afford legal services in addition the the expensive government filing fees. Others simply feel like they do not need professional legal assistance to successful file their case.

I-751 Interview Waiver

Are all adjustments of status (I-751 To remove temporary conditions) scheduled or subject for INTERVIEW?

I-751 Filing

My relative's CR-1 Visa will expire 10/7/2011.

When will the I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence be filed?

How does he submit the supporting documents? Stapled or fastened?

Thank you.

Immigration Attorney Offers No Cost Immigration Law Tools & Resources

JACKSON, MI—Philip C. Curtis, an immigration attorney specializing in family based immigration matters and K1 fiance visas, announced today the publication of his I-751 Processing Guide. The guide, which can be viewed online or downloaded at no cost, provides detailed step-by-step instructions for completing the I-751 Petition to Remove conditions on Residence. The publishing of this guide was preceded recently by the launch of Mr.

Removal Process

After my wife returned from her country from vacation, she left our son in her country in the care of her mother

Changing the conditional green card to a permanent one.

I have a conditional green card issued in
July 8, 2010
Based on marriage to a U.S citizen, which will be expired in
July 8 2012.
After I took it, I left U.S in
July 21, 2010

We came back to our country because I still have to finish my contract and my wife has to finish college. Now I finished my contract and I'm welling to come back to Seattle in U.S in
Jan 20 2011
But my wife will not finish college until July 2012. That means I’m going to leave her and I will go live in the US for at least one and a half year alone.

Late i751 with battered spouse waiver

Hello, my ex husband failed to cooperate with me to file the I751 jointly. Matter of fact he put me out of the house and denied me entry and access to my documents. I was referred to a women's center who changed my address with USCIS and began preparations of my I751 and I360.
A few weeks later, I received a NTA informing me that I was in removal proceedings. At the Master calendar hearing, my attorney got permission to go ahead and file the late documents.

I obtained my green card through my U.S. Citizen spouse and we are now getting divorce what can I do?

If you obtained your lawful permanent residency through marriage to a U.S. citizen and you are now going to be divorced there may be serious consequences.

Foreign nationals who obtain lawful permanent residency through marriage to a U.S. citizen are initially granted conditional lawful permanent residency for a period of 2 years. Ninety days prior to the expiration of this 2 year period the conditional lawful permanent resident and his or her U.S. Citizen spouse are required to file a joint petition to remove the conditions on the residency.

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