New Immigration Case Review Service

Many people are choosing to prepare and file K1 visa petitions, adjustment of status applications, I-751 petitions, I-130 petitions and N-400 citizenship applications on their own and without the assistance of an attorney. Some people simply can't afford legal services in addition the the expensive government filing fees. Others simply feel like they do not need professional legal assistance to successful file their case.

While many immigration cases should not be handled by a layperson and without the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney, there are certain types of cases that can be successfully handled without the assistance of an attorney. However, even in these cases the process is usually unfamiliar to the applicants and the prospect of filing the petition without the assistance of an attorney can create some additional anxiety.

In many cases, an attorney can identify problems or potential problems with a case early on which, if addressed, can mean the difference between approval and denial. It can also help minimize the likelihood of receiving a Request for Evidence which can cause unnecessary delays.

To assist people handling their own cases, immigration attorney Philip C. Curtis now offering a case review service for certain types of family-based immigration cases and applications for naturalization.

For a low flat fee of $250 we will review your completed application before you submit it to the USCIS, provide you with a case review report identifying any problems or potential problems wit your draft petition and help increase your chances of success.

If you are planning to file your immigration petition on your own and just want a qualified attorney to review your petition before you submit it to the USCIS, our case review service is a great value. Purchase our case review service today and receive your case review report within 3-5 business days.


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