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After my wife returned from her country from vacation, she left our son in her country in the care of her mother
I took my wife to her Bio-Metrics appointment in September, after the appointment she felt it was safe to leave the marriage. I found through her emails that she was having affairs with 2 men. I suggested marriage counseling, she left in Oct to move to a friend’s house .she then returned a month later after she then secured employment, and she then called the police on me and filed a fake Domestic Violence charge against me there was never any violence or Battery. , I was charged not convicted yet. I have never been in trouble with the law .Wife then moved out stating that she had meet someone else . I informed her that she was in violation of the I-751 and breaking the conditions of the marriage.
1. She has no record of financials of the residence where we lived
2. No record of residence .she is not on the mortgage
3. Does not have the from the 2 people that the marriage is valid
4. I have a Record of all affidavit emails of the affairs she was having with the 2 persons
5. She signed a lease at a different residence
6. Most important She Forged my signature on the Joint petition I-751
7. I sent all information to USCIS that she broke the conditions of the marriage

Wife received a denial letter on her conditional visa on Jan/7/2011

My Name and my Credit has been ruined threw her actions.
My question how soon wills my wife receive a NTA and an interview with an immigration officer.
When will she be placed in removal proceedings?

What is the next step for her in the immigration process



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Removal After Denied I-751

Thanks for posting your question. Its really tough to say how quickly an NTA will issue in this case. I have seen cases where an I-751 has been denied go for several years before an NTA is issued but I have also seen the government act rather quickly. I would guess that it is more likely that the NTA will issue quickly in this case if you have been in communication with the USCIS and notified them of the fraud. Unfortunately, its not something that you have any control over and the ultimate disposition of your wife's immigration status shouldn't have any real affect on you (at least not any more than it already has) so I would suggest you try focusing on those things you can affect such as the divorce and maybe issues related to damage to your credit caused by your wife. I hate to hear stories like this. I hope you can resolve this without too much additional pain and move on. Best of luck to you.

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