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My husband had an appointment in Juarez on July 31, 2008. He was given a paper with Seccions 212(a)(9)(B)(II) and 212(a)(9)(C)(II) checked.

I was wondering, now that some time has passed, if there is anything that I can do or if anything has changed.

Please help me.



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Waivers of grounds of inadmissibility

Hi, thanks for posting your question. Can you tell me a little more about the situation? Are a U.S. Citizen? What type of visa was he applying for when he was denied?

212a 9b and 212a 9c


there is a waiver for the 212a 9b but NOT for the 212a 9c
he must wait for 10 years from the time they check on the letter of denial.
If you can prove hardship for the 212a 9b (disabilty, finacial etc... for u the spouse) then you are okay if that is all he has, but if he has both, then he is not okay.
I dont know, however if permanent legal residents can apply for the wavier of hardship or if you have to be a citizen.

But since he has the 212a 9c he cannot come back until the end of 10 years or if congress gets their act together to do Comprehensive Immigration Reform, there will be a wavier for the 212a 9c.

Trust me i know, my husband has been out of the country since 2003.
I call and write the Congress and the President all the time.

My 2 small children and i used to go to mexico to be with daddy but now it is too dangerous.

So we wait.

In 1997 The Republican Congress decided to get "Tuff" on multiple illegal entries, hence the 10 year barr, i cannot believe that President Clinton signed such a bill that tore apart families like this!

Hang in there something is going to change, Senator Menendez (D) from New Jersey is spear heading Immigration Reform and he is tryimg to get Senator Lyndsey Graham (R) South Carolina to work with him this year.
Also our flip flopping Senator McCain ( i used to admire him) said just the other day that he is willing to get started on Comprehensive Immigration Reform this year.

Now all we have to worry about is the Republicans in the House to come together on this.

Call the new Speaker of the House at (202) 225-6205 and tell him to get Immgration Reform PASSED THIS YEAR!

The Republicans are always talking aout family values so they need to put their money where their mouths are.

God bless and we NEED a miracle.



It seems like you really know what you talking about.Could you e-mail me please?

gina gomez


same thing here. my husband was deported in june 2010 for unlawful presence. We have 2 small children and visit mexico alot very scary and dangerous. we have filed i-130 its pending and then i hope he will be allowed to file 601 and 212. 601 is the hardship wavier. 212 is is to reapply for admission. he has got a 10 year ban.We all need a miracle.

gina gomez

I am a US citizen and we have

I am a US citizen and we have a son and no one seemed to care. The paper that I have says visa category IR1-MEX.

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Ok, it sounds like he was

Ok, it sounds like he was denied the visa because he was unlawfully present in the U.S. for more than a year and may have also been previously removed from the U.S. As a result he is barred from reentering the U.S. for a period of at least 10 years. In order for him to be able to return to the U.S. you would have to apply for a waiver of this bar which may or may not be available in your situation. You probably need someone who has a lot of experience with waivers to review your case and determine if there is anything that can be done.

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