the laws pertaining to sham marriages,

I have a question regarding the laws pertaining to sham marriages. Back in the year 1980 I made a sham marriage to stay in the U.S., I obtained a divorce through the court (NYC). I also was given a green card back in 1989.
I had other issues with the law that resulted in my deportation in 1996.
I am now remarried to an American, we have been married 7 years, we have been trying to get my visa to go back to the U.S. The American Embassy has now sent me a letter saying that because of my sham marriage back in 1980 I can not get a visa to go back, if this is true is there anything I can do to get a visa?
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If you were found to obtained

If you were found to obtained a visa as a result of a fraudulent or sham marriage you would be inadmissible. However, there is a waiver available for this ground of inadmissibility INA 234(a)(1)(H) that may apply in your case. These are difficult cases and you should probably seek the assistance of an immigration attorney if you want to pursue this.

You may also be subject to additional grounds of inadmissibility since you indicate that you had other issues with the law.

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