10 year bar for my husband, is there anything i can do before then

My husband was denied his visa in march 2008 because of the following

212 (a)(9)(B)(II)
212 (a)(9)(C)(I)
is there anything i can do before the 10 years to get him back to the united states faster?
Can I do a I-601?



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Waivers and the Permanent Bar

Hi, thank you for taking the time to post this question. Your husband is in a difficult situation. It appears that your husband was found inadmissible because he attempted to reenter the United States after he had been previously removed. The penalty for this is very severe. Under current law, your husband is permanently barred from returning to the United States. There is a waiver available for this bar but he cannot apply for it until he has remained in his country for 10 years. Based on the information you have provided there is nothing that I am aware of that you can do to get him to the U.S. any faster. Best of luck to you.

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