10 year bar (212a9b and 212a9c)

Hello Gina,
yes i have beat this thing to the ground to get answers.
I did not belive what i was told when they said he could not get a waiver for the 212a9c.
I had 2 immigration deportation "specialist" attorneys that swore up and down the Consulates could use their "discretion"
So i got the Secretary of State on the phone, the Immigrrant Visa Chief, and the head of the Department of Homeland Security!
No jive!
All said; "No"
One entry, okay you can file for the waiver of hardship (601) but that is for the 212a9b
BUT more than 1 illegal entry, and that is considered "re entry with out permission after deportation" that triggers a 10 year bar.

Now, if someones spouse is here after many entries (more than one) and they NEVER got deported at anytime, then INS wont know about it.
SO DONT TELL THEM, just say the spouse just got here (less than 3 months!!!)

NOTHING we can do, come on OBAMA, USE EXECUTIVE ORDER if you can, cause the way it looks, the Republicans dont care if they "Alienate" the Hispanics. Yes, pun intended.

GINA!!!! my email is wendy.hess@att.net
i dont see that you put one out there for me to answer you.

Contact me,


married to a mexican


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I don't understand this post.

I don't understand this post. Who is Gina? If you have a question please clarify.

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