Tourist visa, will I get it?

Hello, I´m 25-year journalist from Latin America. I lived in the U.S with a J1 visa and I´ve been there 6 times with a B1-B2 visa which is now expired.
I want to apply for a new tourist visa but I´m affraid I´m not gonna get it because I don´t have strong ties with my home country. I´ve been working at a newspaper for less than a year. Will I have any chance?



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Sorry for the delayed

Sorry for the delayed response. It's impossible to say if you will get the visa or not. The fact that you've had a tourist visa in the past and honored it's terms will work in your favor. The fact that you are employed in your country will also be a positive for you case. All you can do is present as much evidence as you can that you have strong ties to your country such as a letter from your employer confirming your employment and perhaps a copy of a lease agreement or other evidence that you have a permanent residence in your country. Best of luck.

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