please i need help and advice from an attorney who knows the laws of united states, im current F1 status visa, last month i had a off campus paid internship, i paid taxes and everything, now that i know that i was not supposed to work i left the internship, however i received a W-2 with a gross pay of 548. and i was wondering if i should file my tax or not, since the amount of money was just 548.

please i need an answer as quickly as possible.



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I am not a tax attorney but I

I am not a tax attorney but I think the decision of whether or not to file a tax return is the least of your concerns. I would be more concerned about your unlawful employment resulting in a termination of your F1 status and possible removal from the United States.


i understand....but the mistake was done, there is nothing i can do about it...i left as soon as i knew that i the taxes there is nothing to do with the immigration right?
my concern was if i file my tax and the immigration get to know just because i filed my tax....but if they wont know thru that i believe it is better to file my tax since this is the right thing to do when you have a w-2.

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Well, as I said I am not a

Well, as I said I am not a tax attorney or an accountant but I doubt you have to file a tax return if you only had income of $548. There is a record of your employment so the government is going to know that you worked whether or not you file the tax return.

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