Out of status, getting married

so i came here on a students visa & attended college regularly. i married my best friend but before i could apply for citizenship, our marriage broke. i had stopped attending college because i wanted to save my money for our new family and because i thought it was a matter of time before i get my citizenship. anyways, i was depressed for the longest time & did not go back to college because i thought i would be thrown out. a year has gone by, and i am happier than ever now because i have found someone else - the TRUE love of my life, and we got enagged last month and married this past week. i want to apply for citizenship, i want to pay taxes and live here happily without any fear of being alien.

am i out of status? am i a illegal? a friend told me that this 2nd marriage of mine is not legal (my first was annulled) but is this true? if i apply for citizenship now, will it get accepted, or will i get thrown out? my wife and i are very worried because i came here legally, and have always loved this country, i never meant any harm, did not work illegally or do any crimes, i speak english, and i want to live here legally with the love of my life and PAY MY TAXES. please help!



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Lawful Residency vs. Citizenship and Out of Status problems

Are you a lawful permanent resident? Did you ever apply for lawful permanent residency based on your previous marriage? If so, what happened with that?

There is probably something that can be done for you but I'll need more information. If you are interested in retaining me to assist you with this email me and we can discuss. If you just want more information just post back here and I'll respond later when I have more information.

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