What if i have never met my fiancee in person?

This is a wonderful site. I hope someone can help us with our problem. My boyfriend (44)and I (33) met via internet chatting 5 years ago. He is a US army and was assigned to Iraq on 2005 transferred to afghan 2007, and lastly, he is assigned in Haiti 2010 til present date. We communicate as long as he has the time and sources.

I sent him cards and letters, he emailed me. offline and online messages from him if he finds time. We never met in person.

I tried for US tourist visa, 5 times. 3 times in Philippines, 2 times in Dubai (UAE).All denied. no family ties. single. no assurance in coming back. I Never stated i wanted to see my bf in US (whenever chance hes on vacation there).

Im a native of Philippines and working in Dubai for 4 years now. My question is, can I try to apply for a transit visa in US to come to HAITI to meet with him eventually?

Do you think with proper documents and explanation, i might be able to at last see him in person?

Where is the best place for me to apply? in Dubai or Phils? which other "supporting docs" must we produce. We've been like this for almost 6 years now, were both single and we wanted to be together soon.

I hope you may find my situation interesting and someone can help us get through this.

Thank you very much and more power!


Maria Theresa



Philippine citizens are not required to get a visa for Haiti

Hi there, Maria! I am Marie.. I saw your post. And i want to help you. You can smile now.. Coz there's a possible way that you guys can meet in Haiti. I am from the Philippines too and I am in Haiti with my fiancee who's working for UN.. same compound where your bf is working. You don't need visa for Haiti. All you need to do is go to a travel agency and ask them to find a route to Haiti that does not go through US. I checked last week coz my fiancee and i are planning to go back to phils. for a vacation and i don't have US visa.. So the travel agent gave us a route that does not go though US. tickets are very expensive this time of year though. But you can.. You can transit at CDG, Paris.. then to Saint Maarten.. then to Haiti.. No visa.. it's that easy.. you can now meet with your fiancee.. Also, if you want we can meet here in Haiti when you arrive.. Good luck, dear!!


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Fiance Visa and Previous Meeting Requirement

Hi Maria, thank you for posting your question. Tourist visa can be very difficult to get for young single woman from the Philippines. I think it is very unlikely that you will be able to get one. I think the best option for you would be to visit him in Haiti. I don't know if Haiti will require you to have a visa to visit there but even if you need a visa you are more likely to get one to Haiti than the U.S. I think. The other option would be for your boyfriend to travel somewhere and meet you when he is on leave. I know this may be difficult.

Unfortunately, in order to apply for a fiance visa must have met in person in the last 2 years and I don't think you can make a case for a waiver of this requirement based on what you have told me here.

I hope this helps and best of luck to you.

Thank youvery much Mr. Phil.

Thank youvery much Mr. Phil. Your reply helps us a lot.

Wish you more success.


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