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My fiance and I are beginning the process of applying for the Fiance K-1 visa for me. I am Canadian and my fiance is American. We are hoping to get married in December of this year (2011) and I would like to start working very shortly after I enter the US (which will be maybe a week or so before our wedding). I will be applying for my green card as soon as possible. I'm really looking for some advice and pointers of exactly which forms to fill out and some do's and dont's.

If i want to start working almost immediately after i enter the US what forms do I need? I know that if we do the K-1 visa and get married in the US than I can work in the country while I'm waiting for the application to be processed but i dont know the specifics of the process.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Basic Advice for K1 Visas

Thanks for posting your question and congratulations on your engagement. The first thing I would do it look over the information on my K1 fiance visa page and watch the video (the video is also embedded at the bottom of my page on the K1 visa) I did about the K1 visa process.

The first thing I will tell you is that if you are planning to enter the U.S. on a K1 visa for a December wedding you will need to file your petition immediately. Current USCIS processing times for a K1 are about 5 months but it will take at least 8 months before you have your visa in hand.

Regarding the forms, you will need to complete Form I-129F and a G-325A for yourself and your fiancee. There is also a lot of supporting documentation you will need to submit. There are additional forms you will need to submit during consular processing.

This should get you going and give you a pretty good overview of the process and what is involved. If you decide you would like some help with this you can complete my K1 case evaluation form and I'll evaluate you case and provide you with a firm quote for my services. I will also be offering a K1 Guide for sale in the next 30 days or so but if you are set on a December wedding that won't be ready in time. You really need to file this month.

Thanks for your quick

Thanks for your quick response. And yes we are planning on filing this month.

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No problem and good luck. Be

No problem and good luck. Be sure to do a good job of documenting and providing evidence of the relationship and other requirements for the K1 visa. Here is a link to an article I wrote which should provide some guidance in that area. The forms are important and required but these cases are approved or denied based on the supporting evidence and documentation.

In case you might be interested, I will be launching a paid private forum in the next month or so which will be geared towards providing assistance to those who are handling their cases on their own and just need some guidance here and there. I haven't finalized all the details at this point but it will likely be a monthly subscription service.

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