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I would like legal advise on the k1 visa, I am a U.S Citizen and my fiance is from the Dominican Republic, 4 years ago he went to apply for a tourist visa with his girlfriend that also lived with him there, She had gone the prior year to apply for a tourist visa and was turned down. So when they went together the following year someone had told them that to get a tourist visa they needed to be married, have a kid, have money in the bank, have at least 1 property and a car. He paid someone to do some false papers and they created a fake marriage certificate, fake birth certificate for a child that doesn't even exist, fake property , fake bank statements and cars. He said everything went well until they questioned how long they were together and she said 6 years and the interviewer told her how can that be when you just came here last year and said you stated you were single, and they were both turned down for the visa. My question is he is single, and has never married nor does he have any kids, I don't want to file for a k1 visa with the mess he has. Do you think it is possible for him to come here still to the U.S even if we have to hire a Attorney, or do you not see any chance of him being able to come here, and I will have to be the one moving to the Dominican Republic with him. Please advise



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he may have some serious

he may have some serious problems obtaining any visa since he submitted fraudulent documents in connection with a visa application in the past.

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K1 visa

There was no paper work taken from them at all, He even said they were ready to give them the visa until she got nerveous and said they lived together for 6 years which he said he doesn't know why she said that when it wasn't true. That when he said they told her how can that be when you were here last year and filed single, so they told them both it will not possible to go the U.S. What I am wondering is there any way possible to find out what is in his file if that, he says nothing was taken or copied , everything was verbal. They never knew about any false documents it was denied because she said they were together for 6 years. Please let me know what your opinion is on this..

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You can request the a copy of

You can request the a copy of the file under the Freedom of Information Act but I doubt they will provide it to you. Most of this type of information is excluded from FOIA. The best approach is to deal with this head on.

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