re-entry to usa after the 10 year bar

Dear Sir,
My visa was refused due to a 10 year bar in 2009 as the 10 years were not completed and now ten years have
daughter in usa had applied for my immigrant visa in 2009 which was refused due to
the 10 year bar.. she is an american citizen now . will she have to apply all over again? also let me know if she has
to file in any additional form with the application. i am a bit confused as to what i have to do next.
How does my daughter proceed now for my immigrant visa. my departure from usa was a voluntary departure.

Kindly inform me as to what i have to do now for my immigrant visa. How can i proceed and
if there is any other document that they would require for me to submit.

Thanks and Regards



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Reapplying for Visa After Denial Based on 10 Year Bar

If it has now been 10 years you should be able to obtain the visa as long as you can prove your continued physical presence in your country for 10 years. This is the real evidentiary issue with 10 year bar cases. As far as whether or not you need to reapply I can't answer this question. Honestly, I am not sure as I have never come across this issue before in my practice.

This cases can be a bit complicated so it's probably best that you get some assistance with this if that is a viable option for you. If you would like me to provide you with a quote to handle your case please email me and we can take it from there.

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