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I live in Guyana, South America. My mom who is currently a US permanent resident petitioned for me, my visa application category is currently (family-sponsored preference) f2b. I would like to know if my mom becomes a US citizen, would she be able to upgrade the visa category to f1 and would my priority date remain the same or would this change bring about a new application and a new priority date?



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If your mother becomes a U.S.

If your mother becomes a U.S. citizen you would either become a first priority or an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen. If you are under 21 and unmarried you would be an immediate relative and you would not have to wait for a visa number. If you are over 21 and unmarried you would be an F1. You would retain your current priority date but if you notify the National Visa Center and provide proof of your mother's citizenship you would be bumped up in the queue.

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