Job Offer, 10 Years Bar

Hi, I currently live in Nicaragua, but used to live in USA. After hurricane Mitch I overstayed illegally for 12 years, but never arrested or involved in any felony what's so ever (I am a christian church member in California). PTS protection law did not cover me for one day. I did apply but the protection was denied. I was not deported, I had to return due to health reasons with my mother. My dad is alien resident and about to become US citizen. He is 65, lives alone, has been having health problems and has not had a job for a few years. I am his only son. Now, I currently have a formal job offer for my wife and myself in USA (We are travel industry experts for Latin America) and wonder if there is a possibility to apply for a pardon or waiver for 10 years bar law to return to USA, take care of my dad and provide the support he needs, ever since that is not possible here is my country for economic reasons. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


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