I-751 - Letter from Landlord

I've read your reply...that in the absence of lease..you suggested to get letter from the landlord. Does it have to be notarized. I hate to bother my elderly landord.



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There is requirement that it

There is requirement that it be notarized but documents in affidavit format which are notarized tend to carry more weight. Depending on the quality and quantity of the additional evidence you have to submit submitting an unnotarized letter instead of a notarized affidavit might not make a difference. If you decide to just do a letter it should identify the rental property, include a statement that the landlord is renting the space to you and your wife and (if true) a statement that the landlord has personal knowledge that you and your wife are living there together. The letter should also include the full name, address and phone number of the landlord. To save your landlord the trouble you could just draft the letter for his/her signature and ask them to review it and sign it. You should submit a copy of the letter to the USCIS and retain the original to take to the I-751 interview.

The is some more information in my previous post about some addition things you can submit as evidence of cohabitation.

Hope this helps.

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