Will Living Separate Be an Issue

I was married June 12, 2012 to my amazing husband. We were forced to expedite the process because of immigration restrictions and everything is happening so quickly. We have filed all the paperwork, he has completed biometrics and we received a notice for our immigration interview in a month! We are blessed that it's happening so quickly but I'm also freaking out!!! I'm working to build up what we have to 'prove' our marriage but we have one issue I'm not sure how to handle.

He works and lives in a city about 45 minutes away from me. I work in the city I live in. Basically, we see each other pretty much everyday but we need to finish our leases, save money, research, etc. to buy a bigger place and all the addresses on the immigration paperwork was mine so we didn't want to change it and delay the process. His papers expire end of September as well.

Is this going to be a big problem? He has been added to my lease, but I don't want to lie and say we live together in one residence. I go there, he comes here and we have every intention to move in together. What would you recommend? I saw something on a message board about having people write letters vouching for our arrangement but that's a lot to ask of people who don't want to be involved. What do I do??? Thank you!


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