I-693 and I-864

Hi, my name is Ivan and i came to this country about 5 years ago as J-1 student. Then i was applying for B-2 visa twice. Second time i had to move to another place and as a result of this didnt get a reply from USCIS, so i dont have my original I-94. I overstayed my visas and was working illegally (i have my own social security number, just no work authorization). About 3 years ago, on one of well known internet dating websites i met a girl. She lives 800 miles away from me. We were talking alot, i visited her few times, but couldnt move to her state, cuz it has very strict immigration rules (i can not find job there). So we decided to get married. Problem is, we still live far away. She is also young mom of 2 kids, so she is currently unemployed.

My questions are:
-is it alright for me to get I-693 done in my current state of residence, or should i better do it after i move to her current state?( we are married in her state)
-also, since she is currently unemployed and getting food stamps, what should i do with I-864? I have few friends who can wright one for me, but i dont know how to do it in this case. I guess she will loose the ability to get any kind of government support, otherwise my sponsors will be forced to pay for it?

Hope You will be able to answer this questions :)
Thank You!



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You can have your medical

You can have your medical examination I-693 completed in any state. It just has to be completed by a civil surgeon.

If your wife does not have sufficient income then you will need a co-sponsor who can meet the required income threshold. Her receipt of government support is not an issue. If you receive government support then the sponsors may be required to reimburse the government.


Suppose he had worked long enough to now have earned 40 quarters of social security credits, given that he had a valid social security number - not sure of his tax paying situation. Since the "intent" of the Affidavit of Support is to prove he will not likely become a public charge, would he be able to submit the I-864W instead?

~ Jake

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I=864 Exemptions

He may qualify for an exemption if he can show 40 quarters of coverage under the SSA. However, just because he has a valid social security number doesn't mean he meets this requirement. But since you stated above that the intending immigrant was working illegal this will not be an option.

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