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i came to united states end of 2007 with tourist visa of 5 years and i took 3 month in the airport and i kept extending my stay for almost 1 year and half and now i'm over stay
i'm from egypt and i have us citizen child she's almost 3 years old and that was the reason i couldnt go back to egypt and i had to stay here because if i did and my family knew that i had a baby with no marriage they will kill me and now i'm trying to be legal because i'm tired of being worry about everything



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Hi thank you for posting this

Hi thank you for posting this question. Without an immediate relative U.S. Citizen sponsor (like a husband) I am not sure you have many options to legalize your status. You may be able to make an asylum claim based on your fear of persecution for being a single mother but I know very little about asylum law. You should contact someone who is an expert in asylum claims.

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