Get married here or in the US?

My fiancee (a South Korean citizen), and I (a US Citizen)are currently living in Beijing, China. We are deciding to relocate to the US in the next month. From research we know that applying for a fiancee visa will take more than 2 months and we must leave before then.

Since Korean nationals don't need a visa (can stay in the US for 90 days each trip)we are thinking that she just comes with me to the US and immediately apply for AOS in the US. Is this possible? Can this be completed before the end of her 90 day legal period in the states?

Another question is - should we get married in China first (neither of us is a Chinese national) and then enter the country or does it make the process easier to get married upon arrival in the United States?

We are considering working with an immigration lawyer but need some direction in this preparation process. Would appreciate your response to the questions above.



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