Could I still marry my fiancee after her Visa expired last September 2010 ?

Could my fiancee and I still get married even after her Visa expired last year (sept 9 2010), I believe, and have her and her kids (2) status be changed to a permanent one.. We would like to have peace of mind although it was my fault not marrying her during the 90 days. Thanks

Robert Woolfolk


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K1 Marriage After 90 Days

Hi Robert, thank you for posting this question. This is an interesting case and questions like these are arising in my practice more often. Even though you and your fiance did not marry within the 90 days I believe she could still adjust status if you filed an immediate relative immigrant petition for her at the same time. However, I have not looked at this issue in a long time so I am not certain. One thing I can tell you is that this will not be a routine adjustment case and you'd be wise to get some assistance from an attorney on this. Feel free to email me directly if you would like some assistance with this case.

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