Changing a B2 to an Immediate Relative Visa

I am a US Citizen engaged to an Argentine - right now we both live in Argentina. In December of this year (2012) we will get married here in Argentina, and then plan on going to the states for the honeymoon and also to visit my family and celebrate with them since airfare costs makes it impossible for all of them to come for our wedding.
My fiance has a B2 visa which he used to visit the states for a few weeks earlier this year - March. He left long before the tourist visa expired. When we go for our honeymoon/vacation with family, he will use his B2 to enter. (It lasts for 10 years)
While we are at home, is it possible to adjust our status to an Immediate Relative Visa? That is not our purpose of going to the states, but I'm wondering if it would be an option. If we filed, would he have to leave again or can he stay until the processing has finished and he has the interview? Is he allowed to adjust from tourist status to immediate relative status? Is that even a smart choice, or would it be better to go through the K-3 process or another process? (I checked the k-3 processing times for my jurisdiction and they are almost 2 years long, please say there is another way!!) Thank you so much for any direction you can give me...I've been trying to understand all the different processes for WEEKS and until I understand it I'm nervous to even set a wedding date!


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