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Tips for Processing an Immigrant Visa Petition at the National Visa Center

All approved I-130 immigrant visa petitions are forwarded by the USCIS to the National Visa Center or NVC. The NVC is responsible for gathering additional forms, supporting documentation, collecting visa fees, conducting preliminary background clearances and generally preparing the approved immigrant visa petition for final adjudication by the processing post. Compared to USCIS processing, NVC processing is relatively complicated and many applicants who are handling their cases without the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney run into problems at this stage.

Family of a U.S. citizen

I am a U.S. citizen and I applied for my parents to get a greencard a year ago. My mom was granted a Visa in March and my dad is about to have his interview soon in Abu Dhabi. I have a 15 year old sister who lives with them, when I had just initiated applying for my parents a year ago, I contacted NVC and someone told me since you have an under aged sibling (under 21), when your mom is granted a Visa your sister will be granted a visa as well. It turned out, when my mom went for her interview, the immigration officer had said this case is for one person only.

Understanding the Possible Adverse Consquences of an I-130 Denial

A forum user recently posted a great immigration question about the potential adverse consequences of a K1 denial on a subsequent I-130 petition. This article will discuss the different potential adverse consequences that may arise after a K1 denial and an I-130 denial respectively.

Married on a B2 visa but back in Mexico

My wife is a Mexican national. Last year she was in the U.S. on her B2 tourist visa from June until August. We decided we wanted to get married. She flew back to Mexico briefly to be with her family. She returned to the U.S. on the same visa on September 8th. We were married 3 days later on September 11th. But we didn't get married with the intention of her staying in the U.S. On January 15th we flew to Mexico and have been here ever since. She didn't violate the 180 day time period permitted to her.

Direct Filing of I-130 in Mexico City

In some cases, U.S. Citizen petitioners who reside abroad can file their I-130 petitions directly with the Department of Homeland Security or U.S. Consulate abroad. Generally, the U.S. Citizen must be a resident of the country in which he intends to file. Each local DHS office and consulate has specific local rules regarding what cases may be direct filed with their office.

New Immigration Case Review Service

Many people are choosing to prepare and file K1 visa petitions, adjustment of status applications, I-751 petitions, I-130 petitions and N-400 citizenship applications on their own and without the assistance of an attorney. Some people simply can't afford legal services in addition the the expensive government filing fees. Others simply feel like they do not need professional legal assistance to successful file their case.

marriage visa

I am a widowed and permanent resident women ,intending to get married overseas(in my country)
with a man who lived in USA illegally(overstayed his visa) for 12 years and voluntarily went back home a year ago.Could he re-enter in USA after we get married?

About advanced degree requirement in NIW application

Dear Sir

want to marry an immigrant with valid visa and passport

my boyfiend and i want to get married but im not sure how since he doesnt have a social security number. he entered the us with a visa and a passport so im not sure if we need anything else to go to the courthouse and get married.

K3 Visa Questions

My girlfriend from Mexico has a tourist visa that expires October 23, 2011. She is planning to travel to the US on August 12. We are planning on getting married while she is here and filing for her to get a spouse visa. The questions that we have are:

1. Will she need to renew her tourist visa prior to traveling here in August?
(She was told that it had to be renewed 6 months prior to expiration)

2. What documents will she need to bring with her in order for us to get married?

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