I-751 Appendix

Attached at the bottom of this page are several sample forms, letters, notices and other documents referenced in this Guide. All of these documents can be downloaded and used as samples for your I-751 petition. *Important Note: These are sample forms only and include dummy text for illustration purposes only. You will need to edit the form letters and include information relevant to your case.

A1. Sample Completed I-751

A2. Sample Affidavit from Family Member or Friend

A3. Sample USCIS Cover Letter

A4. Sample I-751 Receipt Notice

A5. Sample Biometrics Appointment Notice

A6. Sample RFE

A7. Sample RFE Cover Letter

A8. Sample I-751 Transfer Notice

A9. Sample Interview Appointment Notice

A10. Sample I-751 Approval Notice

A2. Sample Affidavit from Family Member or Friend14 KB
A3. Sample USCIS Cover Letter12.5 KB
A4. Sample I-751 Receipt Notice260.14 KB
A5. Sample Biometrics Appointment Notice212.36 KB
A6. Sample RFE695.15 KB
A7. Sample RFE Cover Letter11.5 KB
A8. Sample I-751 Transfer Notice77.94 KB
A9. Sample Interview Appointment Notice123.69 KB
A10. Sample I-751 Approval Notice87.52 KB



I filed for the removal of condition on May 18 2010 and went for the fingerprint on June 19, and since then my status has been showing the same thing and no change of anything. By Novermber 19th, my application will have been pending for 6 months.

The USCIS webste says that the national avarage is 6 months but the Vermont Service Center where I filed has an avarage processing time of 6.3 months. I havent received any commucication from USCIS apart from tht finger printing intervier and the extension for one year of my conditional residence.

Should I be worried? I plan to travel out of the country from December 8 to January 5th. Should I reschedule my trip?

Please advice