Opt to H1b Transition , Out of Status

I'm on F1 until Jul 2012. Right now on post completion OPT (01-May 2011 to 01-May 2012, technically can be extended for 17 more months).

Old Employer -- Last date: 17th June .. was on OPT

New job with new employer from 20th June 2011.

Previous employer filed H1 and it was approved(to be implemented from October 2011) after I left them (17th June 2011).

I opted to stay on F1 since I was on OPT, previous employer requested a revoke/withdrawal sent me email confirmation that it was withdrawn.

H1B visa stamping - D160 form - First DUI

I got First DUI on april 2011 and done will all the stuffs to be done. Going for H1b visa stamping to INDIA on april 2012, i would appreciate any information regarding the visa stamping like,
1. will it be rejected ?
2. do i have to bring any special documents or forms for visa stamping at Chennai, India ?
3. do i have to get anything done before hand in California, USA to prevent anything bad from happening at stamping venue ?


H1B under Unpaid Leave of Absence

Hi, I am currently working in Company A as a full time Senior Scientist and unfortunately my job was terminated (on Nov 17,2011) due to restructuring. As I was on H1b, the company was kind enough in putting me under 'Unpaid Leave of Absence" for the next 3 months (Ends on Feb 17th) that I can be on status. Fortunately, I have two job offers and they would be filing my petition in the next few days. In order to file the petition, these two companies asked me to send the latest pay stubs, but the last pay stub I have was on Nov 23rd, 2011.

I797 expired during USCIS review


I appeared for H1b interview in US consulate and my visa was refused. The case was sent back to USCIS for review.

The I797 (notice of action) expired during the review. My question is does the USCIS work on expired petitions ?

My second question is the questionable decision made by consular officer.

After the case was sent back to USCIS, my company applied for new H1b and we got new I797. With this I797, I went for visa interview and unfortunately , the VO told me to wait for the review of old petition. Is the VO decision questionable?

possible to have valid H1B with expired passport?

Hi, I have a quick question that nobody seems able to give a definitive answer to... I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me answer this.

H-1B stamping after expressing asylum intent and B-1/2 denial

I am a Non US Citizen/Perm Resident Physician with US residency training (completed on H-1B in 2004) and American Board Certification currently living in home country. I had to ask the US embassy in my home country by writing a letter in October 2010 about procedure for getting political asylum due to persecution I was facing. They replied asylum application is possible only for those present in US. Then six months ago I found a job in the US and applied for B-1 for job interview 3 months after I asked about asylum.

L2 to H1B transfer visiting India

I am in US on L2 Visa and valid EAD expiring in Aug 2012. My employer has filed a new H1B visa request which has been approved with effective from June 1 2011.

I have to visit India in month of May 2011 and will return in May month itself.
Can I come to USA on my L2 Visa in month of May? Will my H1 be effective from June 1 2011 automatically? OR will I face any issues at the time of entry in May 2011 month?


Adjustment of Status Rejected

Dear Philip,

I'm currently in a legal debacle. I am a Canadian citizen has been living in the United States on a H1-B visa for the last 4 years. I terminated my employment at my employer about 2 months ago and filed for a change of status from a temporary worker to a tourist. I plan to leave the US in 1 month indefinitely.

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