Guaranteed Success

Guaranteed Success

Immigration law is a complex and constantly changing area of law. Success requires a total commitment to the client's objective, diligent representation, and great attention to detail. We have a 100% success rate with all of our family-based immigrant visa petitions and K1 fiance visa petitions. Our 100% success rate is no accident--we achieve this rate of success for two reasons:

Why We Succeed

  • Case Evaluation. We only accept those cases which we believe are certain to succeed.
  • Comprehensive & Diligent Representation. We carefully oversee and manage every aspect of our clients' cases from start to finish.
  • Personal Service. Philip C. Curtis personally handles all cases.

If, after a careful screening of your case, we do not feel that we can obtain a visa for your family member or fiance we will not accept your case. If we do accept you case, we will see it through to completion in order to ensure approval.

*While our past rate of 100% success does not guarantee we can achieve an approval in your case, we believe it is a strong indicator of our commitment to accepting only qualified cases and providing thorough and outstanding immigration representation.


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