Grounds of Inadmissibility

K1 Visa denial via Section 212(a)(6)(C)(i)



I am 22 years old I was taken to the US at the age of 4 months. I already had my interview at CD Juarez but they needed more documents about my residence in 1999 which I was in Mexico, I was 10 years old at that time, and did not remembered that and my parents did not tell me about that. It showed in there system I went to apply for a visa in 1999 at Mexico, so are they going to apply the 10 year bar for lying well I said I did not remebered that which I didnt I was only 10?

Filing I-130 after K1 Visa Denial

I am so confused and really scared. Need some advise fast because I'm losing my mind. Last October, My K1 petition was denied at the US Embassy in Dominican Republic. It was denied because When I filed in April 2010 I did not have my fiancé's divorce certificate and sent the original court documents signed by the Judge and translated into English. It was approved 68days without RFE's at VSC. Well his Original Divorce certificate was printed 4 months later based on the date of the hearing.

the laws pertaining to sham marriages,

I have a question regarding the laws pertaining to sham marriages. Back in the year 1980 I made a sham marriage to stay in the U.S., I obtained a divorce through the court (NYC). I also was given a green card back in 1989.
I had other issues with the law that resulted in my deportation in 1996.

marriage visa

I am a widowed and permanent resident women ,intending to get married overseas(in my country)
with a man who lived in USA illegally(overstayed his visa) for 12 years and voluntarily went back home a year ago.Could he re-enter in USA after we get married?

Denied I 485

I am an American citizen.Last year I married an Australian citizen. I then filed a petition I 130 and an adjustment of status for his permanent residency. In October we went in for his final interview. In November we received the decision letter saying he'd been denied. On the On the decision letter it said he was denied because he admitted to having smoked marijuana but they documented that he smokes on a regular basis when in fact that is not the case; it didn't say that he had to leave or he was going to be deported or anything helpful for that matter.

Understanding Unlawful Presence

New USCIS Regulation for Unlawful Presence Waivers

Drug trafficking conviction

Hi, I have a question regarding the chances for my Colombian fiancee being approved for a visa. He has
a drug trafficking conviction. Sentence was 8 years, but he served 3 1/2. It was his first & only offense and he is completel

Illegal Stay

I entered the U.S. as a minor (16 years old) in 1989 and went to high school and college in the U.S. After graduation I decided to regularize my situation, so I returned to Mexico in 2005 and applied there for a visa. I was, instead, impossed a bar of 10 years (until 2015) in order to be re-considered.
In the meanwhile I have lived in Germany with my wife and children (my wife has never been in the U.S illegally). Since then I also acquired German citizenship. My two children (3 years old and 6 months, respectively) have German citizenship. So, all of us are German citizens.

will a k1 denial affect the verdict of a I-130 petition for alien relative

We applied back in 2007 for a k1 and was denied because my wife (then fiance) was honest and told them of some past usage of drugs on (3 occasions to be exact). And so they made us wait 2 yrs and do various anti doping exams and take some drug adict class during the 2yrs until we could reapply. And we did all what they requested. But during that time we got married at the us international bridge in eagle pass tx. So with us getting married that changed the requirments so we started applying for a I-130 in 2010. will the denial affect us at the interview?

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