Free Immigration Law Guides

United States immigration law is a complicated and confusing body of law. On top of that it is not a body of law that most of us who live in the United States have had much exposure to. As a result, most people who face an immigration issues don't know where to turn and are overwhelmed by the volume of conflicting, incomplete and often totally unreliable information available on the internet.

While I believe that certain types of immigration law matters should always be handled by a qualified immigration attorney, as with many things in law and other fields, there are some things than can be handled competently by lay people. I also understand that some people simply do not have the resources to pay for the assistance of an attorney.

Over the past few years I have developed a few guides that provide information and instruction for handling some relatively simple immigration law matters. I recently decided to publish those guides here and make them available to the public to use at no cost.

Author's Note on Using These Guides

These Guides were written by a licensed immigration attorney and are believed to be accurate. We try to review and update these Guides at least once annually but immigration law can change quickly and some of the information in these guides may be outdated and therefore not accurate. However, these Guides are not legal advice, should not be relied upon as such and are not an adequate substitute for professional legal counsel. Please use these Guides at your own risk.

Free Immigration Law Guides

Guide to Maintaining Lawful Permanent Residency - Learn about what it means to be a lawful permanent resident of the United States and how to avoid pitfalls that can result in serious consequences or loss of residency.

I-751 Processing Guide - Get detailed step-by-step instructions for successfully completing the I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence process.

Immigration Law Guides for Sale

In addition to our free guides we also offer immigration law guides for sale. Currently, we offer the K1 Fiance Guide which is the most complete guide to the K1 fiance visa available anywhere. This complete guide was written by immigration attorney Philip C. Curtis and includes detailed step-by-step instructions for successfully navigating the K1 visa process.


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