Free Immigration Consultation

I have always offered some sort of free initial consultation because I do not think it is reasonable in most cases to charge a fee to evaluate a prospective client's case or to discuss the types of services I offer. However, because of the overwhelming number of calls I receive each day requesting free consultations I have had to revise my free consultation policy.

I have found that the majority of the people who contact me fall into one of the following categories:

  • People looking for an immigration attorney;
  • People who want to know if they qualify for an immigration benefit, want a case evaluation and might need an immigration attorney; or
  • People who just need some questions answered but don't want to hire an attorney.

All of these types of inquiries are perfectly fine and I welcome all of them. However, because I have a very busy practice and there are only so many hours in a day I have had to devise a more efficient way to manage each type of inquiry differently. Please read the following to determine how to make your inquiry.

I Need an Immigration Attorney!

Please call or email and we can set up a consultation right away.

If you have an immigration law issue and you would like to have a consultation with me to discuss your case and retaining my services please email me via the contact form or call me to set up a time for a consultation. If you are interested in retaining me to handle your Adjustment of Status or K1 fiance visa case you can start by completing my online case evaluation form.

Adjustment of Status Case Evaluation

K1 Fiance Visa Case Evaluation

I want to know if I qualify for an immigration benefit but I'm not sure I need an attorney

Please complete one of my case evaluation forms or post your question in my forum. If you aren't comfortable posting it in the forum please email me.

If you want to find out if you or a family member qualifies for some sort of U.S. immigration benefit please complete the case evaluation forms above if it is an Adjustment of Status or K1 fiance visa case. If it is not one of these types of cases please post your question in my forum or email me through the contact form.

I don't want to pay an attorney I just want a few questions answered

Post your question in the forum and I'll answer it promptly.

I understand that some people may not want to hire an immigration attorney for any number of reasons. Some people can't afford to pay an attorney. Some people just have a few simple questions and don't want to have to hire someone just to get them answered. Others are do-it-your-selfers just looking for some guidance.

I don't mind these inquiries either and I enjoy helping people by answering immigration questions. However, a majority of the questions I receive are questions that I answer all of the time. To be more efficient and so that others may benefit from these questions and answers I am now only answering these types of inquiries in my immigration law forum.

In order to post a question in my forum you first have to create a user account which is easy and only takes a few seconds. After that you can login to my website and post your question. I respond to questions posted in the forums several times a day and frequently at least once over the weekend so if you post your question there it will be answered promptly.

If you fall in this category that's great but please post your question in the forum rather than calling or emailing as I will just direct you to the forum anyway.

International Students

I offer free phone and email consultations to international students attending U.S. colleges or universities. Please see my F1 student visa page for more information.

Thank you for your inquiry and for helping me assist others by following my inquiry policy.


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