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What is the fiance visa?

If you've found this article maybe you are just beginning your research regarding the fiance visa because you plan to marry someone who is not from the United States or maybe you have just heard about a "fiance visa" and wonder what it is. Either way, this article is a great place to start.

The Fiance Visa Defined

Is there any hope

I would like legal advise on the k1 visa, I am a U.S Citizen and my fiance is from the Dominican Republic, 4 years ago he went to apply for a tourist visa with his girlfriend that also lived with him there, She had gone the prior year to apply for a tourist visa and was turned down. So when they went together the following year someone had told them that to get a tourist visa they needed to be married, have a kid, have money in the bank, have at least 1 property and a car.

Using Affidavits to Prove a Bona Fide Relationship in K1 Fiance' Visa Cases

As I have stated time and time again, K1 fiance visa cases are won and lost based on the strength of the supporting documentation. One of the things that a K1 applicant has to establish to obtain a K1 visa is that the applicant's fiance'/fiancee relationship with the U.S. citizen petitioner is legitimate or bona fide. A large percentage of the K1 denial cases I see are the result of the applicant not adequately proving the legitimacy of the relationship.

A Comprehensvie Guide to the K1 Fiance'(e) Visa: A Preview of My New K1 Visa Guide

I recently completed my new how-to guide for the K1 fiance'(e) visa which is entitled "A Comprehensive Guide to the K1 Fiance'(e) Visa."

My new guide contains detailed case evaluation and strategy information, step-by-step instructions for successfully completing the process, case management tips and editable form documents that I use in my practice.

The guide will be available for sale on my site in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I have attached a copy of the Table of Contents and list of documents included in the Appendix as a preview.

Filing I-130 after K1 Visa Denial

I am so confused and really scared. Need some advise fast because I'm losing my mind. Last October, My K1 petition was denied at the US Embassy in Dominican Republic. It was denied because When I filed in April 2010 I did not have my fiancé's divorce certificate and sent the original court documents signed by the Judge and translated into English. It was approved 68days without RFE's at VSC. Well his Original Divorce certificate was printed 4 months later based on the date of the hearing.

New Immigration Case Review Service

Many people are choosing to prepare and file K1 visa petitions, adjustment of status applications, I-751 petitions, I-130 petitions and N-400 citizenship applications on their own and without the assistance of an attorney. Some people simply can't afford legal services in addition the the expensive government filing fees. Others simply feel like they do not need professional legal assistance to successful file their case.

Need Advice for K1 Visa


My fiance and I are beginning the process of applying for the Fiance K-1 visa for me. I am Canadian and my fiance is American. We are hoping to get married in December of this year (2011) and I would like to start working very shortly after I enter the US (which will be maybe a week or so before our wedding). I will be applying for my green card as soon as possible. I'm really looking for some advice and pointers of exactly which forms to fill out and some do's and dont's.

Help Proving a Bona Fide Relationship

Dear Phil,

I'm not yet ready to file an I-129F petition, but plan on doing so in the future. I've been learning about K-1 Fiance Visas for the last few weeks, and I'm concerned over the lack of evidence for our relationship. As it stands, all we have are e-mails and chats going back 6 months or so, as well as a couple of hand-written letters I sent her. I know there are still things we could do, such as talk on the phone, meet each other a couple times, and take some photographs...

U.S. District Court Sides with DHS on Limitation of Review on Consular Denials of K1s

I have written frequently about the fact that the decisions of consular officials to deny a K1 visa may not be appealed. In the articles I have written on this subject I have mentioned some possible (but not guaranteed) avenues of relief if you receive a K1 denial at the consular level. As I mentioned in all of these article the likelihood of obtaining a reversal of consular denial or even the opportunity to contest the decision of a consular denial of your K1 visa is somewhere in between very slim and none.

AOS denied

My fiance came here as a K1 visa, he did not marry because his fiance left him with another man,they had a son and her ex-fiance took their son without saying anything to him, he was so depressed and never came back to his home country.He has a pending family based petition though, so when his priority date became current he decided to adjust his status, he's been here a few years, he went on an interview and they didn't say if he's denied or approved because his case is a bit complicated, when the letter came its said that under Section 245(d) of the INA he is eligible to adjust his status ca

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