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We had a great immigration experience with Mr. Curtis. Initially we were quite nervous about the whole process of immigration. My...

My wife and I are exceedingly grateful to Philip C. Curtis for the services he provided for us in processing my wife’s immigration...

Philip Curtis handled my application to adjust my status with the USCIS. Thanks to his diligent work I obtained my permanent resident...

All the way from the beginning to the end Philip C. Curtis was very very helpful and patient. The process itself is stressful but...

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Immigration Attorney Philip C. Curtis

P. Curtis & Associates, PLLC is a boutique law firm specializing in immigration and naturalization law. We have been practicing immigration law for more than 8 years and have considerable experience. We assist clients, their family members, or foreign national fiance with a variety of immigration law issues. We offer a personalized full service solution for family-based immigrant visa petitions, K1 fiance visas, adjustment of status, and other immigration law matters including:


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